The Sista Circle

Three-day program in March 2023

We Care NSW is hosting The Sista Circle this March for a three-day program. The groups will be facilitated by Kellie Forrest from Sista Circle Australia who offers guidance and support through the days activities. 

Each day of the program will run from 9am to 3pm, involve introductions, opening and closing of the circle and is available to attend by Aboriginal women. 

The programed days are: 

Day 1 - Knowledge is Power 

  • Spiritual Principles based on Self Respect
  • Connection to Country involving language and a booklet
  • Yarning with Guest Speaker Simone Jordan

Day 2 - The Healer Within

  • History of Spiritual Practice - Mind, Body and Soul
  • Group activity - booklet Spiritual Grid exercise
  • Energy Healing - Cleansing for the group
  • Guest Speakers - Kellie and Theresa 

Day 3 - Mindfulness

Activities on this day will be led by our guest from Mob Art to assist you in creating your own artwork. 

The program will be held at the Murrook Cultural Centre at 2163 Nelson Bay Rd in Williamtown.

If you are interested in being a part of The Sista Circle, please fill in the form on this page and we'll get back to you with more details.

Alternatively, you can phone 02 4013 6079.